Monday, May 19, 2008

Modelling Shoot with Ted Adnan


Nafisz Daniel said...

im really really really love the pics.. thanks bro..
pls let me know if u want me to be ur model!

ted adnan said...

dewd, send all photos of me to lerrr

Nafisz Daniel said...

just let me know k, if u want me to be ur model...
im free for every photographer.. =)

Dino Hashim said...

brother ted, already send ur photo..
hope u enjoy it..

anem88 said...

Waaa gambar last tu erotic gile laaaa~~~


Dino Hashim said...

kids, don't try this at home..

gurau je anem.. shot tu just nak hidupkan cerita dlm gambar tu.. yg penting niat kita..

Nafisz Daniel said...

yeszzaa... betul kat bro Dino tu..
NIAT yg penting...

Kim said...

wow wee.. buat blog la plak...

nice blog, maybe leh advancekan lagi tuh.. hehehe...

Anonymous said...


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